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- Classes & Groups -

It is my hope that these groups and classes provide the connection

and support needed to navigate the childbearing year. 

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Childbearing Year Series

Comprehensive group and private classes for families who are looking to learn more about the childbearing year (pregnancy through the fourth trimester). Suitable for planned home, hospital or birth center births. 

  • The ‘in-between time’ of the last days of pregnancy
  • Gathering and preparing for labor
  • Stages of labor
  • Comfort measures & coping techniques
  • Roles & responsibilities of partners and birth companions
  • Addressing fears & anxiety
  • Understanding transfer to hospital
  • Your newborn
  • Lactation & feeding  
  • Postpartum & the first forty days
  • Mood disorders
  • The importance of intuition & instinct 


A monthly prenatal group for those seeking connection and community with others making their way through pregnancy.

This group will include varying topics related to the childbearing year and what those attending feel compelled to share about their experiences.

Once you have had your baby you can look forward

to GLOW, our postpartum group!

Last Saturday of each month 2:00-3:30p 

@ RISE in York, ME 

Ongoing Enrollment, $10 suggested donation

Oil Lamp Offering


A weekly postpartum group for parents and their babies who are seeking connection, community and support.

Topics will vary according to what people are compelled to share and what questions or concerns those in the group may have.

Lactation and feeding support available.

Other kiddos age 3 & under are welcome. 

Thursday's 2:30-4:00pm @ RISE in York, ME

Ongoing Enrollment $10 suggested donation 



Join us on the full moon each month to gather, reflect and connect with others. Light snacks and the occasional hand craft provided.

Topics will vary according to what people feel compelled to share each month, but may include; understanding your cycle in all seasons of life, relationships, the maiden-mother-matriarch.

Women of all ages & stages welcome.

Please enjoy this time without your babies/children. 

Location TBD...stay tuned!

Ongoing Enrollment $10 suggested donation

Full Moon
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